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We are committed to working with Washington policymakers, advocating on our clients' behalf.

Retirement and benefit public policy is constantly changing. We provide convenient access to help you know more about the issues, laws and industry changes that are being considered, the latest news, our point of view, and what these changes can mean to you and your employees. Political, social and health trends are also transforming the workplace and the world of employee benefits and compensation. We keep a watchful eye on the trends that might be meaningful to Plan Sponsors.

Public Policy

Department of Labor Projects

The most recent Department of Labor (DOL) updates were released in late 2017 with a list of their pending projects relating to retirement accounts with estimated deliverable dates. Learn about these key projects and what they may mean to plan sponsors and their employees.


Healthcare benefits are an important component of a company's total benefits offerings, but cost containment is an ongoing challenge in a continually changing industry and regulatory environment. We are dedicated to helping Plan Sponsors stay informed on the complex issues impacting the healthcare industry.

Senior Investor Issues

With a rapidly expanding aging population, it is imperative to consider the way this growing demographic impacts business models and policy priorities.

More Public Policy Topics

Policy, legislative, and regulatory topics are frequently changing or being introduced. Learn the latest about other topics and how they may impact Plan Sponsors and participants.



The number of people over age 60 is already close to 1 billion and is expected to double by mid-century - to nearly a quarter of the planet's population.1 Longevity is transforming how employees live, work and invest, and, importantly, how plan sponsors think about retirement benefits.


More and more employees are finding themselves in the role of caregivers to aging family members afflicted with Alzheimer's, now the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.2 Bank of America Merrill Lynch is part of a global initiative to find a cure for this devastating and rapidly growing disease, which kills more Americans than breast and prostate cancer combined.

Impact Investing

Many plan participants are increasingly factoring into their investment choices their concern for a better world, whether in or outside of their retirement plan. This major transformation around social consciousness is a force on the rise. It can be addressed by plan sponsors considering incorporation of Impact Investing strategies into retirement plans, enabling plan participants to have the ability to enhance the social or environmental impact of their plan assets by aligning it with a social purpose, while still seeking positive returns.

1 United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2014
2 Alzheimer’s association, 2014

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